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(N) Supergranny Naomi, 6 months old.

(N) Supergranny Naomi
bluetortie point female, DoB: May 22. 2012
(Sire: CH S* Mariposa's Take a Chance - Dam: CH (N) Seljes Melody)
Breeder: Bjørg Vik, Norway
Naomi is descendant after my wonderful seal point male born in 1993: CH (N) Tweeget Excalibur, and his mother which was my dear "Kleo"; IC Scorpio's Eunike.
These lines are behind her grandfather EC (N) Seljes Kiefer DSM.
Naomi is very self comfortable, not afraid of anything, a smart girl who knows what she wants!
She has temperament, just as tortie Colourpoints as usual have!
Thanks Bjørg, for this gorgeous girl, and thereby got my old lines back!
Show results:
Nominated to Best In Show. 
Naomi, 6 months old.
Naomi, 6 months old.
Naomi, 6 months old.
Naomi, 6 months old.
Naomi, 6 months old.
Naomi, 3 months old
Naomi, 3 months old
Naomi, 3 months old
Naomi, 3 months old

IC Arpacats Thunderbyrd of Tweeget
Sealpoint male, born September 2007
(Sire: CH Whisperwood Apolo of Arpacats    Dam: GC Sulltans Supercalifragilistic)
Breeder: F. Lasierra & A. Roque, Belgium

Show results: Internatinonal Champion
Best In Variant and Nominated to Best In Show

Thunder is a wonderful representative of the new generation Colourpoints.
He is our mascot. Completely relaxed and kind with everybody, both Rex cats and our dogs.
He was best friend with our great old Colourpoint lady "Trollet", CH (N) Tweeget Histrionic, who died in August 2012, 18 years old.
Now he has got a new Colourpoint girlfriend: (N) Supergranny Naomi.

Colourpoints born in the 90´ies: ▼

In Memory 


            From the last Colourpoint-litter in 1998:

  EC EP (N)Tweeget Victoria DSM
Creampoint female,  born April 1998
(Sire: EP GIC (N)Herkules Jackpot - Dam: Purrbox Angel Eyes)

Owner: Rita Hindenes, Oslo.

The first Distinguished Show Merit Colourpoint in Norway
Show results: 5 Best In Show - 10 BOX - 42 NOM - 10 BIV

EC EP (N)Tweeget Victoria DSM EC EP (N)Tweeget Victoria DSM
Photo: 10 months old
IC PR (N)Tweeget Gaiety
Bluetortiepoint female,  (1994-2008)
(Sire: CH Permo´biles d´Artagnan - Dam: Purrbox Angel Eyes)

Show results: Lots of NOM

CH (N)Tweeget Histrionic
Tortiepoint female, born August 1994 - August 28, 2012
(Sire: IC (N)Tweeget Excalibur - Dam: IC Permo´biles Dancing China Doll)
Photo: 5 months old
Our dear "Trollet" pasted away in the end of August 2012, 18 years old.


IC (N)Tweeget Excalibur
Sealpoint male ( 1993 - 2002)
(Sire: CH Lauralas Cadillac King - Dam: IDP IC Scorpio´s Eunike)
Excalibur is father to EP GIC (N) Herkules Jackpot, and grandfather to Jackpot's daughter EC EP(N) Tweeget Victoria, DSM.
He is also great-grandfather to GIC EP Herkules Frost Flake, DSM.  Owner Lisbeth Johansen, Tønsberg.
 Breeder of Herkules: Sylvia Lund, Fagerstrand
IC Permo´biles Dancing China Doll, "Cimin"
Flamepoint female (1993-2004)
(Sire: GIC Lauralas Dancing Kid - Dam: GIC Lauralas Star Flower)
Breeder: Jane Käll, Sweden

Cimin is mother to Ch.(N) Tweeget Histrionic

Colourpoints born in the 80'ies:
IDP IC Scorpi´s Eunike, "Kleo"
Bluetortiepoint female (nov 17,1989 - Dec 17,2006)
 (Sire: IDP GIC Qui-Li Khan av Saturn - Dam: IDP IC Zensation Out Of Blue av Le Ulva)
Kleo i mother to IC (N) Tweeget Excalibur, grandmother to EP GIC (N) Herkules Jackpot and great grandmother to EC EP (N) Tweeget Victoria, DSM. She is behind som very nice top quality Colourpoints in Norway and Sweden.
Tweeget's first Colourpoint Persian:
IC Tchamina´s The Narr-I-Ciss
Tortiepoint female (1985 - 1999)
(Sire: Pantos av Eldorado - Dam: IC Griffin`s Alice)

Narr-I-Ciss was the most typy Colourpoint at Shows in Norway at that time,
 and she got lots of BIV and NOM. She got 4 litters.
Breeder: Vigdis Giltun, Norway


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